Health Quality Assurance (HQA) - Health Smart Card Solution


About HQA

HQA is a chip based smart card used as a perfect solution by health care organizations as an e-health card. A secure smart card that contains a patients critical healthcare information: current medications, allergies, recent laboratory tests and insurance information which allows medical providers the ability to track patients through a course of treatment that crosses multiple organizations.

HQA Identifies and authenticates the patient and provides for improved registration, medical record access and proper billing / insurance processing and help in deliverying a scalable, portable Health Record – and patient control of their medical data.

HQA is 100% designed & developed inhouse by Mindscape Networks.

Why not leave all the information on a server instead?

This is the eternal question about the usage of Health Smart cards. The business driver for those who select the HQA Health Smart card storage path lies in the fact that connections sometimes go down and that not all clinics / nursing homes or hospitals have access to the same databases. Using HQA Health Smart cards allows you to access the healthcare data off-line, which guarantees access at all times and reduces the cost.

Technical Specifications

Health Card/Professional Card
• CPU: 8, 16 bit ‹Microcontroller
• Memory: EEPROM 32k, 64k and (soon) 128k
• External Clock Frequency: 1 to 7.5 MHz
• Operating Temperature: –25 to +75 C
• Data retention: 10 years
• Standards: ISO 7816, Java Card 2.1.1,
Open Platform 2.0.1
• Security: DES, Triple DES, RSA 1024, SHA-1, X.509 certificates, On-Card key generation

HQA Applications – Modules

Emergency Room / Ambulance
Lab / Clinical

HQA Users

- Health Care Providers
- Patients
- Pharmacists
- Private Physicians
- Clinics / Nursing Homes
- Insurance Providers


- Easy to Update, Privileged Access, Accurate
- Quick Registration
- Personal information and photograph
Emergency information
- Hospital information
- Insurance information
- Immunizations
- Diagnoses – Medical conditions
- Surgeries information
- Clinical information
- Current medications
- Health care provider information
- Family history
- X-Rays, ECG, MRI and other reports can be viewed


Prompt response to emergency medical situations
Computerizes medical insurance management
Prevents premium payment delinquency on part of the insured, and prohibits false reimbursement claims by medical institutions
Preventive Care
Generation of medical claims reports

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